Pixie - 381

A silk-edged throw woven from merino wool and exceptionally fine mohair, Pixie brings an irresistibly soft accent to any interior. Loosely woven, with a cloud of gentle curls cresting the surface of the fabric, this is an elegantly informal throw, available in deep colours including pine green and burgundy as well as sharp accent tones such as hot pink.

Pixie can be used as a throw on a sofa or chair, but can also be used as a bedcover. Pixie is woven from ethically produced Cape mohair, renowned for its exceptional softness and durability. Cape mohair has been woven from the fleece of Angora goats that have been bred over many generations to remove the coarse short hairs known as ‘kemp’.

80 % mohair, 16 % merino lambswool, 4 % nylon
130 × 185 cm (variations in size may occur)
5 colours