Phlox – 443

Phlox is Raf Simon’s own take on a classic corduroy. The ribbed structure is sensuous and tactile with its velvety handle and amped-up scale whilst the soft, short-cut pile reflects the light, giving the colours an almost iridescent richness.

Ranging from intense, flower-like hues, such as striking reds, greens and blues, the colour palette evokes memories of the 1970s, yet with a contemporary twist. A selection of neutrals, deep blues and greens are also included and create a calm balance within the textile’s versatile palette.

The corduroy has a 7 mm rib which runs parallel to the selvedge. As a result, it is horizontally striped when upholstered on a sofa or armchair.

90% cotton, 10% polyester
140 cm wide (55 inches)
17 colourways