Reflex - 789

The confident stripes of Reflex rise above the fabric’s flat-woven base, resembling 10cm-wide strips of embroidery executed in a slightly irregular yarn. This rich, soft woollen yarn leaves patches of the base colour visible through the weave, resulting in a sense of depth and complexity in its colour. The wide, clean-edged stripe is both boldly graphic and arrestingly tactile.

In creating the stripe of Reflex, designer Raf Simons was inspired by the festive maritime stripe in upholstery used for Franco Albini’s Seggiovia chair in the 1940s, the artist Daniel Buren’s use of stripes in his architectural interventions, and the long heritage of broad stripes in high fashion. The colourways of Reflex draw on all these sources of inspiration, offering both bold and subtle variations. At the more graphic end of the range one will find a buttercup yellow base with a stippled camel-coloured stripe, a dark orange carrying a fire engine red, and the clean graphic pop of white on black. Subtle, tone-on-tone colourways include charcoal, graphite, cream, and pale grey. Foreign fibers may appear in light colours.

87 % wool, 8 % viscose, 5 % nylon
143 cm wide (app. 56 inches)
10 colourways
Reapeat 20 cm (app. 8 inches)
The stripes of Reflex run from selvedge to selvedge