Sunniva 3 - 163

Bringing a painterly use of colour to the interior, Sunniva blends colours and surface textures, creating a fabric that from a distance appears to be a rich, even tone, but up close, reveals something more complex.

Each colourway in the Sunniva range, brings together two tones of wool, woven in a fine, flat, tweed-like pattern, and which is given a glossy top note by the addition of a small quantity of polyamide.
The wide range of colours includes a collection of natural woollen tones that have been pepped up with zesty lemons, sherbet pinks and cerise. The more intense blends interweave complex tones of orange, and deep pink, indigo and lemon yellow.

58% new wool 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% nylon, 4% polyester
140 cm wide
35 colourways

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